Free Angel Wings Cross Bracelet

Claim a FREE Angel Wings Cross Bracelet for a limited time This FREE Angel Wings Cross Bracelet is a reminder that our Heavenly Hosts of Angels are always with us. Angels are our brothers and sisters, the invisible people who live in the Heavenly Realm. They are Flaming Fire, Mighty, Powerful, and Gracious to those…

Free Pearl Jewelry Set

Free Pearl Jewelry Set This week’s free offer is a FREE Pearl Jewelry Set. It s offered by one of the leading online fashion companies. This gorgeous FREE Pearl jewelry set is valued at $29.99. You only need to pay a small shipping and handling fee of $8.95. Pros of the free Pearl Jewelry Set…

Fashion Sunglasses Wholesale Suppliers

What sunglasses are considered to be fashionable? At Apparel Candy our fashion sunglasses are defined by the current seasons trends that you’ll see on your favorite celebrities and influencers. Staying up on trends mean staying plugged into where they are making waves, from social media to our favorite street style photographers. If you see specific…

How Cultural Appropriation Became a Hot-button Issue for Fashion

Fashion has always stemmed from culture, drawing from it, embracing global exploration, and tapping into music and art to set the tone for visual design. While the early days of trade opened the door to cultural exchange — expanding commerce, bringing exotic textiles to new markets and allowing never-before-seen novelties to inspire designs — it…

Design Academy of Fashion | Engage the World through Design

“Being at DAF proved to me that I have the ability to be successful. Coming from a humble upbringing, to being short-listed to the Gucci Fellowship Award, travelling to Italy and interviewing at one of the biggest brands in the world, was an incredible experience.” Source Related posts: No related posts.


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