30 Days To Start A T Shirt Company

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Is It Possible To Start A T-Shirt Company Within 30 Days?

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30 Days From Now You Could Have Your Very Own Thriving


Having a can be very profitable if you know what to do. The business can be very lucrative because the return on investment of a high quality T-Shirt is over 200 percent.

2  Main Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own


Reason  1:  It takes only a minimum of  $5.00 to make a high quality T-Shirt

Reason 2: You can make a 200% profit by selling  thousands  of T-Shirts for a minimum of  $20 each


Pros of owning your own  T Shirt Company within 30 days from today

Owning your own T shirt  company within 30 days can help you to 
Work your own hours
Work at your own pace
Work from home
Wake when you want
Live the life of your dreams

Cons of owning your own  T Shirt Company within 30 days from today

Requires some financial and time commitment



Module 1: The Big Idea

Teaches you market research so you know which t shirts to create

Module 2: Who cares Anyway?

Learn how to effectively pin point your target market so you never lose a sale

Module 3: Non mistaken Identity

How to create a brand name for your company

How to create irresistible t shirts

Module 4: Copyright

Get the inside on copyrights, patents, trademarks and more

Module 5: What The Man Says…

This module teaches business plans and issues related to taxation and more

Module 6: Dreams and realities

Supercharge your business by getting your t shirt embroidered

Module 7: Hello? Here I am.

How to enhance distribution by finding wholesalers

Module 8: Flexibilty

How to move from being a t shirt designer to magnate

Module 9: Show me the money

Licensing your tshirts

how to start a tshirt company on fashonana.com


Watch the video to see how this course can help you to start your own t shirt company



30 days to start a tshirt company








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