Capsule Wardrobe, But Make It Affordable—5 Summer Pieces I’m Buying

The temperatures are starting to get higher, so I’m already thinking about preparing my wardrobe for the upcoming heat. There are plenty of new and exciting trends to look forward to in the upcoming season, but there are a select few that I’m prioritizing to get the most out of my wardrobe. And while there are items I’m considering investing in, I’m buying the majority on a budget. I tend to get more wear out of my fall and winter clothes, so I normally gravitate towards affordable items in the warmer seasons.

Below, I’ve created a list of the must-have items of the season for an on-trend but comfortable wardrobe, and under-$100 options for each. Battling the heat and looking put-together is always a mission, but the picks below will bring nothing but ease to your dressing woes. 


By fashonana

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