Communication In Fashion Design


To communicate is to transfer information from one entity to another. That being said, there are many ways to manipulate information depending on the method with which one chooses to communicate. The act of communication is important, because it is the way in which a human with a message can convey his or her message to whoever he or she is trying to share it with.

Communication is an important part of , because it connects all of the separate entities of with one another. For instance, a designer must communicate his or her ideas to from their own mind on to paper for an initial sketch. Then, that same idea must be effectively communicated to a designer’s associates, so they can decide together how to go about marketing a product or a collection. Furthermore, a designer and his or her marketing team must communicate with their clients.

Visual Communication: Visual communication is linked closely to . That is why schools offer a visual communications major. Within this major, a visual communications student will learn about visual presentation, color theory, exhibit/trade show , computer graphics and merchandise trend analysis. All of these skills act as tools in order for students to gain a greater understanding of both practical and theoretical merchandising techniques.

Written Communication: Written communication refers specifically to writing. This includes, writing in project descriptions, business contracts, grants and research, as any student would know. Although this is less visually appealing, it is often necessary because it is a more precise way to convey a message. In other words, through writing, one can communicate exactly what needs to be said by just saying it.

An artistic vision does little without the ability to communicate that vision outwardly. This is an important key to success in the world of and beyond. Attending a school can highlight the differences between written and visual communication, and the times and places for both.


Source by Yael Meromy

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