Dos and Don’ts for Landing Your Dream Job in Fashion


Many individuals see the world of as the perfect fit for their talent. You may be one of those who have a keen eye for what looks right and what doesn't. You may be someone who likes dressing up and looking good, and gets a kick out of shopping for the best pieces. Better yet, you may be into creating your own trendy designs.

your next may kick start your way to achieving your . You've prepared what you need First things first; what should you do (and shouldn't do) to become a designer?

1. DON'T wait to be invited.

You may be the type who does things by the book, but if you want to part of the frenzy, you can be anything but orthodox. The same applies to how you try to land that designing you've always wanted. Even if you see that there is no opening, you may want to submit an application and show them what you can do. If you're really good, they'll keep your profile on top of their options when the need to find a new talent arises.

2. DO highlight your story in your portfolio.

Designing is all about creating and crafting some really unique and standout fashion pieces, but your prospective employer may want to find out who you are, where you come from and where this passion for the industry comes from. Showcase what you've got, but tell them what they need to know about you as an individual of great designing talent. They'll appreciate if they are able to find out more about you than your designs.

3. DO become flexible.

You may be very keen about rules (as you should be), but if you're applying for a company that ditches the office dress code, make sure you learn to adjust. In the same way, when you are required to wear something as formal as a coat and tie during your interview, learn to comply. Some fashion design firms let their staff enjoy the freedom to wear as they please but when rules are set, show them you can follow orders right from the start.

4. DO become a team player.

You may be at your best when you work on your own; that's completely understandable. If, however, the will entail some good working hours with other people, make sure that doesn't become a problem. More often than not, fashion designing is collaborative, and others are bound to make contributions, or have better ideas than you. As a starter in this field, learn to accept the fact that not everyone will love your ideas all the time, and that there are people who know better than you. Figure out how well you can adjust should the company of your dreams puts you in this situation.


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