Dress Code: How To Style Out This Winter’s Best Coats

“Investment” is a word that’s bandied about rather indiscriminately in fashion circles – often to justify the sort of purchases that would make our accountants wince. However, if there’s any garment in our wardrobes that’s truly deserving of the label, it’s a coat. As the outermost layer of your outfit (and the piece that takes up the most real estate), your coat is not only what makes the first impression when you step out, but it also bears the tricky task of having to complement the majority of your clothing while simultaneously weathering all the elements. As such, conventional wisdom goes that if you spend a little more and choose wisely, it’s guaranteed to pay off in the long run.

Of course, any seasoned financier will tell you that the key to smart investing is diversifying your portfolio. Sure, it’s best to start off with the safe bets that never go out of style. But once those bases are covered and you’ve got your returns, then how about directing your funds into something high-risk, high-yield – say, a yellow feathered number from Balenciaga (with yield here being calculated in number of heads turned)? The point is: it’s worth curating a varied selection of picks to complement every mood and occasion. For a little inspiration, we’ve put together an edit of the season’s most covetable coats – plus tips on how best to style them.


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