Elizabeth Hurley and Her Swim Wear Line


Hollywood celebrities and models alike have lots of opportunities constantly knocking on their doors. Yes, even while they're at the peak of their careers or at the bottom of the dust bin. Some actors try their luck on political careers. Male musical artists, on the other hand, take on the gamble of setting up their own recording studios and labels. But if there's one thing that catches such artists' attention, it would have to be .

Most celebrities and artists have their own clothing line and designing establishments. Puff Daddy or P. Diddy, for instance, used his cool gangster image for his own men's clothing line of classy suits and elegant corporate wear. Michael Jordan has, of course, a sportswear line comprised of shoes, jackets, shirts, perfume, and the like. But if it's about swim wear, gorgeous models and actresses seem to bask under the limelight more than the people who are actually swim wear designers!

Elizabeth Hurley, a late 90s model who has a knock-out figure, has opened up a swim wear designer collection line last April 2005. Now she has been constantly on the go to promote her swim wear designs, carefully going through the same set of marketing and advertising strategies as her competitors and colleagues. In October 2005, she had publicly stated in a known women's magazine that she would not be posing in a skimpy bikini or any swim wear, for that matter. But I think she gobbled up her own words by wearing an eye-popping bikini in a photo shoot last December 2005! The photo reached the Sunday Times Travel magazine's pages, in which people – men, in particular – bought the issue as fast as the magazine establishments could display it on their shelves!

Mariah Carey is also one of those musical artists-turned-actresses that could give Liz Hurley a good run for her money. But since she doesn't have a swim wear designer line of her own, Liz probably sees her as one of her model prospects for her designer collections. After all, Mariah could very much cause men to drool on her curvaceous figure excellently portrayed on several magazine covers! This photo shoot could also probably lead the Liz Hurley swim wear collections to fly right out the shelves of clothing establishments. But since Liz Hurley doesn't want to act as the model for her own swim wear line, she just makes it a point to be the one to actually advertise and market her products on the release dates of her new swim wear designer collections.

The model-turned-actress released her new set of swim wear designer collections on the prime shores of Nikki Beach. This stunning beach is, of course, situated within the world's most elegant country when it comes to and the like. That's right – this beach is in romantic Cannes, France. Now, Elizabeth Hurley didn't have a tight bikini top on while the program was commencing. No sir, but she did have a lovely pink dress that had this stunning decolletage which made her a sight for sore eyes.

Elizabeth Hurley has been a model for more than 10 years. Now being at the age of 40, she still maintains the knock-out figure we have all seen on her blockbuster flicks and photos. What probably provides her with a consistent dose of sex appeal is her oozing confidence. With a swim wear designer collection she herself has created to boot, she is now ready for family life and retirement. Retirement not in the sense of old age, though. Rather, a life of relaxation – just doing whatever she wants. Yes, much like those celebrities and musicians who have all turned their backs on show business, and have all concentrated on their own collections, restaurants, and the like. But since Liz Hurley has a strong foundation in modeling, her swim wear designer collections have just the right fashion sense integrated on each product. Some of her bikini collections are rather skimpy, yes, but it isn't cheap in any sense. The main essence Liz implements on the creation of her swim wear collections is the concept of being vulgar, naughty, and crazily sexy.

So if you're on a feverish shopping spree for a good pair of bikinis and other sexy swim wear, you should definitely have a look on some of the Liz Hurley designer collections. You don't need to have her perfect figure, because Liz's designs alone could give you that aura of sexual appeal and confidence fit for a gorgeous model as her! After all, if beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, then wouldn't Elizabeth Hurley's taste for sexy swim wear be enough to give you a fine share of her sexual appeal?


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