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The impressive growth of the industry and the resultant intense competition in the market has made internship immensely significant. It is significant not only for the candidates seeking internship in different companies, but also for the companies taking them. The objective of the two might be different but it has contributed to the growth of internship programs for budding designers.

internships help companies get the ready availability of skilled and fashion educated candidates. These candidates, with their knowledge, bring value to the companies in a cost effective way, as their salaries are relatively low.

For the candidates the internships offer an opportunity to get a first hand experience of the industry. They view this experience important for their career. The experience gives them an edge, which they can use to their advantage once they enter the industry. Very often, the interns end up getting full time employment opportunities in the company.

Companies offer internship programs for different duration. Some have continuous programs while others offer seasonal ones such as the summer internship, which is generally from the month of May to September. They can be for national as well as international students with definite eligibility criteria.

The information about the internship programs conducted by different companies is available on websites and the candidates can register for them online. The websites have a database of all the companies looking for fashion interns.

The internship can be paid, unpaid or college credit internship. In some cases, internships are in combination with online courses. The students are also equipped with the course related information while executing their internship. The course keeps the students abreast of the latest trends in the realm of fashion during the internship.

The interns need to fill out the application form for the internship program. The submission dates of these forms can be different for different companies.

A fashion design internship is ideal for the passionate fashion design students to get an insight into the fashion industry. It also enhances the skill of the students by exposing them to a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience.


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