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The textile and industries are the second largest industrial sector in the world, second only to the food industry. As in any high volume sector, the textile and industries include a large variety of sub sectors: from elite designers in Europe and the United States to mass production sewing workshops in India and China, from exclusive car upholstery designers to bedding products manufacturers etc .

Given the fact that a mere 30% of textile and fashion designers and manufacturers use computer aided (CAD) software for the process, these sectors hold substantial market growth potential in coming years.

When you keep in mind that the other 70% still work in a completely manual process using scissors and cardboards, there is a great deal of operational and production effectiveness this industry still has to achieve in order to catch up to its complementary industries (car, aircraft, elite fashion etc.).

Given the fact that all these factories with non-computerized work processes do use different software solutions for other processes, a non-dependent software solution is necessary – if only for its hardware flexibility and the abilities to fit into any existing or newly acquired hardware.

There are a few firms who have picked up that flag, and now make software solutions that are easier to implement. Hopefully this process in which companies have made a step towards their clients, will make the switch to computer aided in the fashion and textile industries an easier and faster one.


Source by Michal Moreno

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