Fashion Trends Are Expressed in Different Ways


The application of art into the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories are termed as designing which have been created by the cultural and social influences during a particular period of time. It can also be expressed as another beautiful demonstration of life style statements. From the days of yore itself, like art, science, dance, music, is the joyful and creative expression of human life. In reality, Mother Nature is the best in the world, when we compare her vivid creations which are so beautiful, imaginative and considered to be glorious in their expressions all around.

Real and superficial; and the orient and the west, are the two major division in which the concept of exists. In the superficial world of modelling and , it is considered, that it is mostly co-related with upper class of the society. This is the wrong misconception which is express in its own way in today’s industry. Fashion clothes are generally purchased by the people who are blessed with money, power and glamour. The rest of the world will force others into believing that this constitutes fashion. This is a particular type of fashion which is offered with unique attributes which will not be able to access by most of the common people as it is displayed by the few select privileged classes only. This is in existence today in the superficial world of fashion.

Now we see the real world of fashion. It is a world of modelling which is bigger, richer and larger in size. In this real fashion world, people express their traditions and culture by means of clothing, accessories, also through various art forms such as music, dance which must be discovered by us. While expressing fashion outward into the world the characteristics of real fashion comes from the deep within the individual. There is no need for imitating anybody as it will comes naturally to you. It is outcome of a deep desire from the heart and soul which will be turned full to the brim and from deep within the mind and this feeling will be projected outwards.

Firstly you have to understand your inner self and its desire to connect with the external superficial world by means of joyous and colorful patterns of human expressions so that you can discover the real fashion in you. This is also a very feminine and soothing display of the human mind irrespective of the gender. Moreover it is obvious that styles and fashion will change from season to season and can also be termed as manifestation of the feminine principle itself, which is one of the natures.


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