How to Find the Right Online Fashion School


About one fourth of all designers are self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you’re training yourself, you should have a strong educational base. But where do you start?

A number of online schools offer degrees in fashion design, merchandising, marketing, retail, and related careers. Between admissions requirements, coursework, and other facts, it’s a lot of information to wade through. Use this simple guide when choosing the perfect for your needs.

Admissions Requirements

So you’re ready to go back to , but are you sure you can get in? Admissions requirements vary by , but most online schools have the following requirements for associate’s or bachelor’s degree seekers:

  • Student holds a high school diploma, GED, or similar
  • Student is a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, or holds a valid visa
  • Student must pass the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or similar if he or she is a non-native speaker of English

Some states require immunization records and specific test results. Be sure to check with your prospective schools for more details.

Choosing an Online School

How do you pick the school that’s right for you? You might have already ruled out traditional campuses in favor of online schools that offer more flexibility in scheduling. From there, learn more about coursework requirements, financial aid potential, and educational accreditation before you pick one school.

Online Fashion School Coursework

The coursework you complete traditionally depends heavily on the online fashion design school you choose, your specific degree, and the coursework available to you. Here are just a few popular courses offered across different fashion majors.

Fashion Merchandising Coursework

Fashion merchandising coursework may include the following:

  • Fashion Show Production
  • Apparel Analysis
  • Visual Merchandising and Display
  •  Math for Merchandisers

Fashion Coursework

A fashion design degree program could mix technical and business oriented courses such as the following:

  • Advanced Flat Pattern
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship
  • Trouser Moulage

Technical Coursework

Advanced technical classes in design could include the following:

o Computerized Pattern Grading

o Techniques of Fit

o French Pattern Drafting General courses in textiles and the history of fashion may likely be preferred or required for all majors. In general, courses in marketing, merchandising, or retail may be more likely to involve business elements, while the fashion design degree may steer more towards technical and artistic courses.

Choose an Online Fashion School with Confidence

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that competition for fashion design jobs is expected to be keen. For you and other new designers, that means a degree could mean the difference. A little bit of research can go a long way in the educational world. Choose a degree or certificate program that works for you and you should enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you made the right choice.


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