How to Start a Successful Clothing Line

Are you a lover of fashion? Have you dreamed of becoming a successful designer for a long time?

Starting your own clothing line may seem like a daunting or out-of-reach feat, but it’s actually a fairly simple adventure to start.

We put together a guide to help you start your successful clothing line journey. Check out these great tips!

Starting any business is hard work, but you may be surprised by how simple it can be to start your own clothing line.

Write out a business plan.

This is the absolute most important first step. You shouldn’t jump into a business venture without some kind of plan.

For a clothing line, you’ll need to include the following things in your business plan:

  • Your competitors, along with analysis of what they’re currently making
  • Costs for wholesale fabric and other supplies
  • All estimated costs for the first three years your business will be running
  • How you’re going to expand your line

Pick your niche.

Don’t be too broad with the type of clothing you want to produce. It’s much easier to target a niche market and market your brand to them.

A niche can be anything from age targets to a specific innovative theme to sizes.

Also, determine how well your proposed niche would sell in your area. If you live in a chilly climate, your line of luxury faux fur coats would probably sell well. However, you wouldn’t be as successful in Arizona.

Starting defining.

Learn more about marketing and figure out how your target market thinks. What are their buying habits? What is their demographics?

Design your line.

This is the fun part, of course! If you haven’t attended a reputable university for fashion design, you could definitely benefit from learning the technical aspects of clothing design and manufacturing.

However, some of the best designers out there never went to school.

Decide on your business model.

You can either sell your clothing line to wholesale retailers or you can sell it yourself. If you decide to sell your line on your own, you’ll need to chose if your line will reach people through an online store or a boutique.

If you decide to open a boutique, you’ll need to get the necessary permits for sale and taxes.

Start networking.

You’ll need to get the word out about your new line and to do that you’ll need to contact relevant fashion people. Make a list of the following:

  • Magazine editors
  • Fashion buyers
  • Merchandisers
  • Other boutiques

Invite these people to your first show, and every other show after that. Create look books and press releases to distribute as well.

Start prototyping.

Take photos of each piece in your collection to keep in your portfolio. For each item, create a line sheet that includes fabrics, pricing, and sizing.

Start your first show.

Promote your first show to local students, media outlets, and everybody else that would be interested in your line. Consider the aesthetics of the show and whether it would benefit from live music or a specific location.


Start a website and try joining a fashion network. Hold trunks shows as often as possible.

If you don’t find success, then wash, rinse, repeat!


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