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The Bratz world is not only about dressing up and doing makeover that will pass the present trend in . More than that, the Bratz world is also a haven for aspiring artists who want to explore new things and apply their creative imagination through dress design. While the basic fashion designing is based on some science that you need to consider before trying to make a dress masterpiece, the thinking or the fashion idea is unique to the person. Share your creative ideas and make new fashion with Bratz games. This is your first step to become a real .

When it comes to design, you should know the basics about patterns, prints and plains. This will help you decide if you are doing right or you are bit overloaded with prints. It is important that you know this so you can play with colors, cuts and patterns easily. Another point is to find the perfect model to show off you designs to the fashion world. Finding the one qualified? Why not have the most fashionable and fabulous celebrities? The Bratz will work perfectly for you!

With the Bratz games, you can be the virtual and apply all you know about fashion designing. Get the right patterns, find the stylish cut and design the dress to perfectly fit ones body structure. Jade, Yasmin, Cloe and Sasha will be excited to wear on your fashionable designs.

Start off the task by learning which color complements the other. Work out first with the tops. Most often the most simple cut and design becomes the most fashionable outfit. You do not need to overload with designs. Try a silk blouse with a bow. Pair it up with high-waisted pants. While keeping the outfit simple, like a contrast of white and black, you can have the outfit accentuated with wooden cuff detailed with gold plates. A classic pair of pumps in the color of gold will suit the ensemble for a more glamorous look. Keep the whole outfit simple, it will define itself from others.

Another good fashion example you can do with Bratz games is to do fashionable dresses. A silk dress with silk grosgrain ribbon detail can perfectly match your days outfit. This versatile piece of clothing can take you from office to a party. Match it with a patented belt and a pair of stiletto sandals.

There are still other ways you can play with outfits and match clothing. When designing with Bratz games or even in the real world of fashion, take into consider both the functionality and the design of the outfit. These two should perfectly work well so you can be a good .


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