Nataya romantic vintage inspired dresses for special occasions

Channeling the type of beauty, that is ingested at a tender age, is easy – it is almost as if you are putting on paper the fully formed and familiar images, while (of course) using modern shapes and silhouettes brought into a picture by extensive media and market research (sketching and studying trends through market research – I actually went to school for).

Although those who attribute my creations to a specific time period might not be wrong, I don’t consider myself a history nerd, I am more of a beauty and romance nerd, my inspiration always comes from love. I love being intensely in love, and this feeling I get to experience is so massive and so bright, that as a human I am overpowered by it, and have not enough emotional capacity to bear it alone, sharing it in a song, a dress, a meditation, a performance or a combination of any and all of the above, was a practice for me for as long as I can remember, so fashion was never really a choice of a profession, but rather a comfortable practice that is also a mighty profession, after all clothing is a large part of how one is perceived. I dress like-minded women with an accent on sensuality, comfort, and inner unique power. An outfit is a borderline magical tool that is used to attract, to be accepted, to be taken seriously, or to be welcomed with joy, I use my skills, experiences, and gifts to empower women with tools to be loved, to comfortably accentuate their natural beauty, and to project an angelic kindness mixed with the light, nearly bohemian, romantic ambience that is unapologetically and undoubtedly all about the essence.


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