Outfits for Round Body Shape!

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Oh no! Got a round body? And, Can’t find anything that will flatter your body type? Problem solved! Here are some styles you can totally pull it off.

Round Body Shape

People with this body shape have narrow shoulders and wide midriff and hips and are known as “Round Body Shape”. Your worry is over now! We have the right outfits that you can wear and look perfectly amazing in.

Its party time!!

Are you party animal? But, always end up thinking how to look sexy for a party with your body shape? Don’t worry! We bring you your easy solutions. Just follow these simple tips and get ready to party.


Party dresses for Round Body Shape

· Wear dress with vertical and diagonal lines. That will make your midriff slimmer.

· Wear dresses that are loose fitted but properly fitted. Not too tight nor too loose

· Wear dresses that have flare of the same material on the sides or front

· Go dresses with full sleeves or three fourth sleeves.

· Wear dresses below knee or till knee level.


Avoid wearing dresses like these

· Do not wear dresses that are body fitted. It will expose the midriff more.

· Avoid wearing dresses above knee level.

· Do not wear “Peplum dresses”. It will make your midriff wider.

· Do not wear high neck dresses.

Do the Casual..

Keep wondering and breaking your head thinking what to wear everyday? Well you don’t have to anymore, NO MORE! Here are what exactly you should have in your mind to make that round body look amazing and attractive.


Casual wear for Round Body Shape

· Wear tops that are loose fitted.

· Wear tops that have vertical drapes in the front.This will make you look slimmer.

· Wear tops with “Cape drape” neck.

· Wear straight cut jeans.

· Wear long shrugs that are either loose fitted or semi loose fitted.


Avoid wearing these kind of casual clothes

· Don’t wear fitted tops that will expose your wide midriff.

· Do not wear skin fitted or pencil cut jeans.

· Avoid wearing short shrugs. This will make your midriff look broader.

· Avoid wearing large horizontal lines and large prints.

Office wear!!

See ladies with dresses and slim body at work? And, wonder that you can never look that attractive? It’s time to change the thinking. Here are some ideas on how you can make your round body look amazing yet look appropriate for work.


Office wear for Round Body Shape

· Wear a jacket that is waist level. It will help in giving you a waist line.

· Wear semi-flared dresses and straight cut dresses.

· If you wear a matched suit make sure that the jacket is hip level.

· Wear dresses with “Broad neckline” or “Cape drape neck”.

· Wear a pencil skirt only with a long jacket.

· Go for straight cut trousers.


Avoid wearing these to work

· Don’t wear fitted dress.

· Do not wear a pencil skirt with a shirt or with a “Peplum top”. The skirt will give more volume to your hips.

· Avoid wearing pencil or skin fitted trousers.

· Do not wear short jackets either with skirts or trousers.


Wedding season is on and you got nothing to worry now. We bring you the amazing solutions for your body shape. Just follow these amazing tips and look glamorous at the wedding/functions/festivals.

Wedding wear for Round Body Shape

· Wear anarkali’s with medium flare.

· You can wear full length blouse too.

· Wear blouses or anarkali’s with full or three fourth sleeves.

· Go for “Deep/Wide Scoop”, “Wide Square”, “Wide V” and “Sweetheart” neck lines.


Avoid wearing these kind of clothes

· Do not wear short anarkali’s. This will make your midriff look wide.

· Avoid wearing straight cut salwars. It will expose the midriff and hide the legs and give no volume.

· Also, avoid wearing patiyala pants with short kurtha’s.

· Do not wear sleeves or halter blouses.

· Avoid wearing short blouses for lehenga’s.

Follow these easy amazing tips to make your round body look flawless and attractive. Also, now you know what you should have in your wardrobe and what not to.

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