Saisha Shinde's vlog Slay Away Saisha gives a peek into designer's first surgery to become a Transwoman

In early January 2021, designer Swapnil Shinde who is a favourite among the leading ladies of the industry, took to her Instagram to share that she is now a Transwoman and not a gay man. It has been a long journey for Saisha since then. The designer who spoke to Pinkvilla exclusively after coming out told us that the journey has been anything but easy. When it came to telling her parents, Saisha revealed, “They are Maharashtrians so I had to explain everything in Marathi. How would I when there is no proper word for Transgender in Marathi?”

For someone who has been in the public eye for a while, there were questions for Saisha. She had begun taking hormones six months prior to revealing the big news on her Instagram page and has made her fans and followers part of the designer’s journey post that. In a vlog series titled Slay Away Saisha, the designer has taken videos of her transformational journey, including her surgeries. The first of many was the breast implants that Saisha got. The designer talked about the struggles of wearing a sports bra, the backache she got post the surgery and even gave her followers a peek of the final look, adding that she can’t wait to wear a bra!


Concluding the first vlog of her series, Saisha added that the “First surgery of my journey is done.” Shinde even went on to tell her followers what to expect next – lingerie shopping for her new implants!

The designer has received nothing but love from her followers who are keen to be part of the designer’s journey and have been leaving encouraging comments on her vlog, telling her to keep them updated on what’s next. Watch the vlog here!

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