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Have you ever been too lazy to decide what to wear?? Or have you felt you have nothing to wear though you are staring at your cupboard full of clothes??

Welcome to my world. I buy clothes almost every weekend and every morning I feel I have nothing to wear. I can never seem to pick an outfit unless I have decided since a long time what I wanted to wear. Even in that case something or the other misses out.


So from past few months after carefully organizing my wardrobe and browsing through many websites, magazines,channels, etc. I could get ready in a ziffy. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my lazy days but on the days I am running late, these tips do help me.

Try these tips and see for yourselves picking up outfits on days you can’t make up your mind will be very easy.
1. Organize your wardrobe
As boring as this may sound, it is the most essential thing to do at least 2-3 times a year.
That way you will know what clothes you actually own. Many of us tend to forget many of tops, skirts or jeans just because they are lying in some corner of your cupboard. So start by cleaning your wardrobe and discarding all the items that you are never going to use. I will soon post How to clean your wardrobe tips.


2. Build your outfit around 1 item
Select 1 piece of outfit which you definitely want to wear and evolve the rest of the outfit keeping that item as the center. This could be your favorite jeans or a statement necklace.Once you are sure about 1 item , choosing other pieces to compliment with it becomes easier.

3. Decide on a specific print
Similar to the above point, you can style your outfit based on the print you feel like wearing. Be it animal print or striped or floral print. Once you decide on the print you will be sure what to style next with it. If you select a striped blouse or top, you can easily pair it with solid trousers or skirt.

4. Repeat the outfit which worked for you in the past.
Well, you can always repeat the outfits which you have worn in the past and liked. Try to keep note of these outfits to recreate the same look. You can take a picture of the outfits you would like to recreate to make your life easier.

Repeat your OutfitsRepeat your Outfits

5. Tweak your previous outfits to create new looks.
This tip is beneficial when repeating outfits of various seasons. You can create various looks by tweaking your previous outfits by adding different accessories or by substituting various items. If you know that your a particular top looks good with red trousers, who can substitute it with a red skirt or shorts which you can wear in summer. Similarly you can accessorize same outfit with different scarves, hats or jewelry and recreate different looks every time.

6. Lay down your clothes before trying them on.
We all waste so much of time trying on different outfits and in the end settling for the outfit we wore 1st. Trust me we all have been there. When in hurry don’t waste your time trying on outfit after outfit. Instead lay them on your bed and see if the combination looks right. If not then try removing few items

Lay the clothes before tryingLay the clothes before trying

Like this:

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