STAR Summer Doll Artistes Edition: Model Million

Model Million makes no joke about money; she is an artiste and entrepreneur that owns an image consultation business called Million Dollar Bodiis.

Her passion is fashion and, as a young girl, it earned her the nickname ‘Mogla’ and, over the years, it evolved into her spreading her wings into the beauty and fashion industry. While her recording career has been on and off over the past decade as she pursues other business endeavours, Model Million says she cannot resist music’s magnetic pull. Her latest musical project is a statement, a self-titled anthem to share what she’s about with the world.

“My name describes who I am in every way, it suits me to the tee. I am a who is all about my money. Regarding the song Model Million (produced by Quick SwiffMusik), it is just the essence of me and at the same time I am encouraging women to love themselves and bigging up those that have a body that looks like a million dollars, whether they’re born with it or they paid for it,” she said. She is daring, confident and outspoken, and all this reflects in the way she dresses, which she shows as this week’s STAR Summer Doll.

What advice do you have for women who are conscious about their bodies?

I believe we should all love ourselves however we are, but if a woman does not like something about her body and wishes to make a change through diet, exercise or even body sculpting, it should be entirely up to her. One thing we should always remember is that we are all beautiful in our own way.

Do you have any fashion regrets ? What are they?

That would be flared pants or bell bottoms. I think I should’ve left that style alone. Being almost six feet in height, a lot of those bell bottoms did not fit right, some were just too short for me, fitting above my ankle. But you know me, I just wanted to be in all of the latest fashion trends. There are times when I look back on some of those pictures that I posted and I truly regretted it.

What’s your favourite type of accessory?

My favourite accessory would definitely be a belt. No matter how I try, I cannot wear an outfit without a belt.

What’s the most interesting place you’ve travelled to?

The most interesting place I’ve travelled to is Italy. I spent two weeks in Rome but mostly shopped at the designer outlets in Milan, it being one of the world’s most important fashion capitals. For me, it was a dream come true.

Is there one particular designer brand that you love and why?

There are two. I love Versace for the sexiness and Dolce and Gabbana for the statements.

What’s your favourite colour and is there anything in that colour that you treasure?

It’s not really limited to one colour. It changes as fashion changes but it used to be pink. I have something that I treasure in said colour but it’s not clothing, it’s a pink wig. But what does it for me now is neon colours. I’m loving the bright and bold colours of this season.


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