How to subscribe to Fashonana

Login to your email inbox. Make sure you are logged in only to one email client such as gmail, yahoo etc.

Go over to the link below and click on CONNECT

Register for an account

You can login with Facebook or Gmail or create a new account.

subscribe to

You will be taken to this page

subscribe to

Fill in the spaces as follows on the next page that comes up

1. Add our feed url below to the box titled “Add Feed URL”

2. Tick the box “send me an email.”

3. Add “Mail from Fashon Ana” in the subject box.

4. Click on “save” which is located at the bottom of the page (not seen in the diagram).

5. Click on “check now” on the next page that will come up.

subscribe to

6. You can login to unsubscribe at any time

Thanks for subscribing to receive updates.