The Absolute Best Fashion Trends Of 2021

Jewelry got pretty funky in 2021. We said goodbye to our classic pearls and our understated gold hoops, and, instead, we brought the bright and the bold with the seriously incredible beaded jewelry trend.

In September, Grazia took note of our obsession with all things beaded, noting that the trend stemmed from our post-lockdown desire to get creative. We were all drawn to beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets because, as Grazia put it, they “conjure[d] up nostalgic memories of the long, free summer holidays we [were] craving.” Glamour also took note, writing, “From the poshest designers, through to independent jewe[l]ery brands and the high street behemoths, everywhere you look there are sweet beaded pieces that remind us of summer holidays spent threading beads onto strings.” The trend became so popular it even appeared on the runway at Versace’s spring/summer 2021 show in the form of seashells on jewelry.

Some of us crafted our own unique pieces, while others flocked to local designers and boutiques to pick up their funky accessories. Either way, everyone was bedecked in beads this year.


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