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The concept behind water bottle has changed quite extensively over the years. A water bottle is no longer just a simple plastic bottle in a typical bottle shape. Here are some reasons to have a bottle that stands out and some examples of the most unique and interesting bottle packaging.

A bottle that stands out is vital when you are trying to sell a product. In this ever changing industry you really need to think outside the box when choosing a for your product. People like to buy gear that makes them feel good. A great gets people talking. Remember, talking is a good thing when it comes to your brand name getting out there.

You have to think about what your overall marketing goal is when you are designing your bottle. If the objective is to sell the most liquid product then you should stick to a less complex design. But, if you want to brand your company as one that makes the best looking and most unique bottle packaging around, have fun with your design. Word of mouth sales is vital, and don’t you forget it.

POM has come out with an interesting design for their Pomegranate juice bottles that is extremely exceptional as the company brands itself a credible supplier of this highly concentrated antioxidant. The shape of the bottle is what makes it grab the attention of consumers. The simple and barely there text is also another marketing tactic I like. Less sometimes is better.

Voss water is another great example of excellent bottle design. The Voss water bottle is made up of glass. It is a tall simple bottle with a silver bottle cap. Voss is written on the bottle and that’s about all there is to it. It is one of the most well known and easily identifiable designer water bottles.

Health and well being is definitely on the rise among North Americans and so it’s no wonder that bottle design is getting more competitive as people are getting more health conscious. Having a bottle that is ready for the cat walk will set you apart from the hundreds of other bottle distributors. If you’re marketing goal is to sell the most products then the cheaper less multifaceted design is what you should go for. If you want to gain a lot of attention and get people talking about your brand you should go for a unique “designer” bottle. What is the most out of the ordinary bottle that you have ever seen?


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