With a Fashion Designer Education You Might Be the Next Calvin Klein


In order to get a good job in the fashion design industry you will have to have either a two year degree or a four year degree. A degree in this field is what the employers are looking for.

If you are thinking about running your own business at some point then you should think about combining your fashion designer education. Your focus will be in fashion design since that is what you want to do. Then you could have a degree in marketing or even business. If you did home economics in high school then you will already know how to sew and the basics. Some of the classes that you will need to take in college are going to be sewing and tailoring, how to make different patterns, textiles, using the different colors and what to look for, designs made on computers, the more you know about fashion history the better off you will be, and designing different types of clothing. You will need mathematics so you will understand how to measure and work the different formulas into your design. Human anatomy will also be another good one so you can understand about the body and people. You want your creation to look good on every size of person that wears it.

In order to get into one of the 300 postsecondary institutions approved by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design you will have to prove yourself to them. You will have to have the basics of art and design courses under your belt. Then you are going to have to show how creative you are by submitting some of your sketches to them.

As you are getting a fashion designer education you will have to do an internship. When doing your internship it will give you the opportunity to work with people that are already good in the industry. The will be able to give you tips and guidelines so you can shine at the profession you are entering into.

Another good thing about doing an internship is if you are good and your manager likes your designs they could put in a good word for you. They are able to talk with other stores and spread the word about your work. You may even find your manager wants to help you enter into amateur contests in order for you to show your designs off. This is a very good way for the word to get out about the aspiring fashion designer that you are.

You are going to need a keen eye is this field of work. You will have to know how to match colors and which ones look good together. Details are very important for you to watch whether it is the design its self, how things are sewn or the over all project. It is important that you know how to balance out your design so one portion does not over take another portion. Be ready to communicate your thoughts and handle any problems that might arise.


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